Clip Studio Paint- How to make a scene with multiple 3D models

Create scenes using multiple 3d models/characters in clip studio paint. Put them together so they look like they're interacting with each-other, move the camera to get any angle you'd like. Then sketch over it and create your illustrations, comic panels, etc.

Here's a few examples:

Video tutorial

A few things about moving the characters:

3d model creating a scene

Drag each 3d model to the page then drag each pose an put them on top of the model.

moving 3d models clip studio paint

Use the highlighted icon to move the position of the 3d model and place it where you need it to be (keeps them grounded)

Use this icon to spin the character around facing in the correct direction

This icon is for moving characters around in different directions. This doesn't keep characters grounded so it's great if you want a character to be flying.

I hope this was helpful, here's a few drawings I did using 3d models in clip studio paint:

batman & wonder woman clip studio scene 3d models

kissing scene clip studio paint 1
kissing scene clip studio paint 2

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