Knight comic- action scene

This was a quick fight scene. I recommend everyone starting out doing a short comic, or scene like this, where you don't care about line quality, proportions or even cleaning up. Just focus on composition, simplicity, and speed. An exercise like this can help you greatly in two ways:

-It helps you put ideas on the page without worrying about the result (you know it won't be your best work, and that's okay) It gives you confidence that you can do this. Something that essentially you "rushed" ended up being decent, imagine it you took extra time making the line art, cleaning up and adding detail.

-You get to practice your "workflow". Even if you're not cleaning up, or being careful with your lines you still practice the order of things like the line art, the color, the word balloons, the effects, what tools to use, effects, etc. You learn what's the best way to go about each one of those things, you'll find ways that save time that you can use for your next project.

I hope you give this a try, make a short comic or scene (3-10), don't care about it being clean or perfect, focus on getting it done. You learn by doing, and this will help you for your future projects greatly.

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