How to stay motivated & creative on your project?

Hi everyone, this post about how to divide your project into stages in a way that helps to keep motivated and more creative. You have most likely heard people say to "divide it into stages" but that's not the thing you need to keep in mind.There are different ways to divide your work but this is one of the best ways to do it: Pre-production Production Post-production What's great about this way of working is that it keeps you motivated and use less mental energy. You pretty much do all the thinking at the beginning, and the rest is, for the most part, physical work.

In the Pre-production you plan everything from beginning to end. It doesn't need much detail, but all the important parts need to be figured out. Like the plot of the story, the characters, the dialog, the composition, guidelines, and anything that requires planning/thinking. This applies to any kind of creative project, whether it's writing, illustration, design or a combination of these, for example, making a comic book, manga, film, a recipe book, and other things like that.

The production part becomes much easier once you have the planning stage finished. The hard work has been done, what's left now is putting in the time. There's no need to stop and think, so the work becomes more relaxing and even fun. It's like someone is guiding you along the way. Nothing too complicated here just putting in the time.

Post-production, after everything is done it's time to go back, clean up and add a few extra effects and details. This is when you zoom in and fix the little mistakes that you may have overlooked. It's not good to spend too much time in this step, remember there's no need to be perfect. But you don't want to be sloppy either, so make sure you go back and clean up/look over the whole project at least once.

This way of working helps you be more creative because you put all your mental energy into it when it matters most,when you're excited about it and ideas are coming in naturally. If you start adding details right away, you'll get tired and it'll be harder to figure out where to take the project. This process also keeps you motivated because it's like you give yourself a guide, and all you have to do is follow the steps you have created. This process is very useful, if you aren't using it, I think you should give it a try. It will improve your work significantly.

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